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Bullseye Blues Kennels





The undersigned Buyer, _______________________________________ and Seller do hereby agree to the following terms and conditions on the purchase of a Registered American Pitbull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier dog by law.


1) The Buyer is to pay a nonrefundable deposit on the dog in the amount of $______.

Should the Buyer decide not to purchase the dog, the deposit will be forfeited or                                                                                                       transferable to another litter.


2) The price of the dog will be $___________ plus any shipping charges.


3) The UKC/ADBA/AKC Registered name of the dog will begin with BBK. Under no circumstances shall the name ever be changed on the registration certificates.




5) Buyer will notify Seller on a quarterly basis as to the dogs condition and provide a current picture of the dog. Buyer will notify us in writing of their new address should they decide to relocate.


6) Buyer agrees to socialize the dog, keep it in healthy condition and feed it quality food. 


7) Under NO circumstances is the Buyer to ever fight, roll or face off the dog with any other animal or dog. If there is evidence of the dog being abused or used for any illegal activity, the Seller will repossess the dog with no financial reimbursement to the Buyer. The Buyer also agrees to sign over any registration certificates to the Breeder/Seller immediately.


8) Buyer must take the dog to a licensed veterinarian within 7 days of receiving the dog to verify health and well being. If Buyer fails to do so the Seller will not be held responsible for any problems that may occur. If the Buyer does see a licensed veterinarian within the time specified Seller will replace the dog with another dog of equal value from the next available litter if it should have a major genetic fault or problem up to the age of 6 months. The dog must be returned to the Seller with a written statement from the licensed veterinarian to which the Seller can verify. The problem/fault cannot be due to improper nutrition or exercise, fighting, bad care or unproven genetic fault or sickness. All dogs will come with first set of shots and have been wormed.


9) Dog must be paid in full including any/all shipping charges (plane fare, crate and health certificate) by the date of ________________.


10) All dogs will be shipped or picked up by the age of 8 weeks or they forfeit all investment in the dog and the dog will be sold to the next Buyer.


11) Should the Buyer break this agreement in any way ownership of the dog reverts back to the Breeder/Seller. The Buyer agrees to sign over all registration papers. Seller/Breeder will have the option to confiscate the dog immediately without any compensation due to the Buyer.


12) The undersigned Buyer and Seller acknowledge that this is a legal and binding contract and have received a signed copy.


                                     Buyer : ____________________________________


                                      Seller: ____________________________________


                                       Date: ____________________________________


Bullseye Blues Kennels



Before you decide to buy a blue dog or one with blue parents, please read the following and talk to you veterinarian.


We have found that skin problems such as Dermatitis, Allergies, Demodex and Color Mutant Alopecia are hereditary in all breeds of dog but are more prevalent in dogs with blue coat coloring. There is no test available for these problems prior to signs of infection. Adult dogs can be carriers and not ever show signs of infection.


As a result of our findings and talks with our vet, we are not able to guarantee against any skin or coat problems. Nor will we be responsible for skin and coat problems that are common for dogs with blue coloring. Most of these coat problems are easily treated with the vet.


So remember, this is common in all breeds of dog and colors, but more so in the blue coloring. Therefore we will not replace a dog or refund money on a dog purchased from us that becomes affected by Demodectic mange.